Unfair Dismissal Ireland – Employees Duty to Mitigate Loss

This is a short post which gets straight to the point on an important duty employees need to know about who have been dismissed and are taking legal action for unfair dismissal.

If employees don’t adhere to this duty, it can reduce a successful award outcome for them arising from a case hearing.

employee duty migate

This is a proactive duty imposed on employees.

In simple terms, they must make genuine efforts to secure employment after being dismissed. They must mitigate their financial loss and be able to prove mitigation.

Many cases come before the Workplace Relations Commission wherein an employee does not satisfactorily prove mitigation of their loss, and consequently any favourable award is then reduced by the Adjudicator for not mitigating their loss.

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Unfair Dismissal Ireland - Employees Duty to Mitigate Loss

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