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If you are having a problem at work that cannot be resolved internally, and it has reached the stage where you are looking for legal advice, then it is likely you have a decision to make about how to deal with the problem.

At this stage you may not know how to proceed forward, and there are many things to consider. To be able to make such a decision, it is useful to understand Irish employment law, be empowered by knowing ones legal rights relevant to the facts, and to also consider then what is the end goal for the person, or what is the best solution in the circumstances.

We can assist the individual by listening to the issue at hand and outlining practical solutions and legal remedy options that may be available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is constructive dismissal Ireland ?

It occurs where the employee is forced to resign in intolerable workplace circumstances wherein the conduct of the employer has become intolerable and the employee has no alternative but to leave the employment. As the resignation was not truly voluntary, it is in effect a termination.

What is employment legislation in Ireland ?

There is a huge body of employment law in Ireland related legislation, such as the following examples:

  • Unfair Dismissals Acts
  • Payment of Wages Act
  • Maternity Protection Acts
  • Employment Equality Acts
  • Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act
  • Organisation of Working Time Act
  • Redundancy Payments Acts

Do I need a solicitor for unfair dismissal ?

No you don’t. It is simply a decision you have to make based on if you perceive there is value in obtaining a solicitor or not for a case. If you perceive there is no value in it, like in any service, you won’t want to obtain such a service.

You can obviously ask a solicitor what specifically their service involves and ascertain their experience for such cases, which may assist you making the decision.


Please be advised that the above-mentioned material is intended as an overview and as a broad out-line of the topic discussed. It should not be considered as complete and comprehensive legal advice, nor act as an appropriate substitute. Legal advice should be obtained from a solicitor prior to relying on anything in this article.

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