New Postponement Guidelines WRC

Postponing Guidelines for WRC (Workplace Relations Commission) Cases

Since February 2020 the WRC has published postponement guidelines which can be found on the WRCs website.

It is important to note that all documents used to support any application to postpone a hearing date, must be provided to the postponement section of the WRC.

For example, if one party in a case receives a hearing date, however, they are out of the country on the hearing date, then flight ticket details etc. will have to be provided to the WRC to apply for a case hearing postponement.

If one of the parties in the case makes the postponement application within 5 days of receiving the letter regarding the hearing date, then a postponement will automatically be granted by the WRC.

Each party in the case can only make one postponement application per case.

The Test

The current test regarding whether the WRC will grant a postponment is ‘’exceptional circumstances and substantial reasons’’.

This could be for ill-health, unavoidable unavailability or for various other substantial reasons.

Can the Refusal to Postpone get Reviewed ?

Yes, however the applicant will have to attend in person at the WRC in Landsdowne House to bring their application on Tuesday mornings.


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