Spouse/De Facto Partner – Critical Skills Employment Permit Holders

Since the 6th day of March 2019 Non-EEA European Economic Area Naional spouses or de facto partners of persons who have a Critical Skills Employment permit no longer need to obtain a Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit from the Department of Enterprise to work in Ireland.

The Immigration Delivery Service in Ireland can grant spouses or de facto partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders – employment permit rights of their own.

If you have questions about employment permits, we will be happy to help.

Family Members & Critical Skills Employment Permits

Stamp 1G

The spouse or de facto partner of the Critical Skills Employment permit holder can be granted with the Stamp 1G immigration conditions, which means they can have access to the labour market and therefore not need the former Dependant Spouse/Partner Employment Permit to work in Ireland.

Permission to work, if granted, for the spouse or de facto partner can last for similar duration that has been granted to the holder of the Critical Skills Employment Permit.

Permission to remain in the State as the de facto partner can allow the person to work full or part time, engage in voluntary work, travel abroad for short periods, study etc.

The Critical Sills permit holder should be granted with a visa before the spouse / de facto partner applies for this scheme ie permission to work in Ireland as a Non-EEA European Economic Area national.

The online application form can be completed here https://www.visas.inis.gov.ie/AVATS/OnlineHome.aspx

If you are from a visa required country, which you can assess on http://www.inis.gov.ie/ you will need to select visa/preclearance ie as a Long Stay D visa on the application form and select Visa-Join Family(De Factor/Spouse CSEP/HA) as your reason for travel.

The application fee must also be discharged.

Immigration Registration Office

The spouse / partner will need to attend their local immigration office to register with the immigration officer upon arrival in Ireland.

You should attend with your spouse / de facto partner-holder of the Critical Skills Employment permit to the immigration officer with the paperwork.

Where to Register ?

Dublin :

Burgh Quay Registration Office
Immigration Service Delivery
Department of Justice
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2

Outside Dublin :

You must register at the local An Garda Siochana station to you.

The immigration officer can grant an Irish Residence Permit to the spouse / partner on Stamp 1 G conditions.

Irish Resident Permit

The Irish Resident Permit card is the size of a credit card and you may obtain this after you have attended with the immigration office upon arrival in Ireland.

Do I still need to Apply for a Visa ?

If you are from a country arising from which visas are required, you will need to obtain a visa before travelling to Ireland. You should submit a copy of the Critical Skills Employment Permit of your partner when applying for a visa.


Dependent children permission can be sought from INIS. If granted, permission will be on Stamp 3 conditions. If a child is over 16 they will have to register with their local immigration office.

Immigration Lawyer

If you have questions about employment permits, you can speak with an immigration lawyer on (01) 546 1121 or  (052) 612 1999.


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Family Members & Critical Skills Employment Permits

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