Long Term Residency

A non-EEA European Economic Area national who has been lawfully resident long-term in Ireland can make an application, namely Without Condition as to Time, to the Immigration Service Delivery.

The timeframe condition requirement is 8 years, or 96 months.

So, the person must have attained legal residence for the 8 years or 96 months in order to seek this Residence Permission type.


Immigration stamps on the persons passport or detail from the Irish Residence card regarding timeframes will be assessed as part of the application.

The time period mentioned above must be met.

You must be of good character.

You must be currently legally residence in the state not a burden to the state.

Certain stamp permissions qualify for counting time periods, however, some do not.

Stamp 4 time periods are calculable.

The applicant should include financial documents with the application and tax returns.


The application process can take 6 months.

Applications are made to Unit 3, Residence Division, 4 Floor, Immigration Service Delivery Department of Justice, 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

Stamp 5

If the applicant is successful they may obtain a Stamp 5 permission.

The successful applicant with a Stamp 5 permission status will have a right to work without a work permit. They are not, however, entitled to a public service.


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