EU Family Residence Card Application Timeframe

We have been asked to how long will my Residence Card application take ?.

For example, an EUTR1A Application for a Permitted Family member, such as a brother / cousin of an EEA national has been submitted to the EU Treaty Rights Division of Immigration Service Delivery and the timeframe for the decision under S.7(5) of the Free Movement of Persons Regulations 2015 is within 6 months from the date of receiving the application.

Within this required timeframe, a Residence Card must be issued or refused via notification to the applicant and the applicant should receive a statement outlining the reasons of any refusal. It does arise that decisions take longer than the 6 months period and you can discuss this with your legal advisor.

Preparing such applications can be complicated and takes work, as cogent documentary evidence needs to be furnished with the application regarding evidence of any dependency, evidence of the relationship between the applicant and EEA national sponsor, residency documents etc. Organising the evidence to prepare the application can take a bit of time. Your solicitor will discuss the evidence required with you.

Once the application is lodged the Minister must carry out an extensive examination of the personal circumstances of the applicant to then decide if the applicant-family member qualifies as a permitted family member of a Union citizen.

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