Aviation Flight Accident Claims*

If a passenger of a carrier sustains bodily injury on board an aircraft, or while embarking or disembarking, a person can commence a legal action under the Montreal Convention, which was created to have a means of governance with respect to airline liability.

The carrier can also be liable for the destruction, loss or damage to baggage.


Where the legal action needs to commence needs to be decided on a case by case basis.

Where is the principal place of business of the carrier is one such important question.

Also, where is the principal place of residence of the injured passenger.

Legal Action Time Frame

One must initiate this legal action within 2 years from the date the plane arrived at the destination. There are two other legal timeframe rules, but it is prudent for an injured party to considering a case to have the timeframe examined by applying the law to the facts as soon as is possible after the incident.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Personal Injury Solicitors

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