Road Traffic Accident Claim Guide 2024

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be questioning your legal options in circumstances where you have sustained loss and you feel the accident occurred due to negligence.

Personal Injury Claims in Ireland are submitted to the Injuries Board and motor liability claims as a result of car crashes have accounted for up to 70% of claims awards made by the Injuries Board.

Common Accident Claims

In addition to physical injuries which are generally speaking immediately clear after a car accident, because an accident can affect people in different ways, a psychological injury can be quite common in addition to the physical injury.

If this is a relevant issue for a person, it will likely become clear in time after an accident, because in an accident the immediate focus is on the physical need and then in time the person can focus on their internal state to see how they are in essence and if there is any psychological issue matter that needs dealing with.

Patient communication with doctor assistance will cover both the physical and any psychological assistance needs in the aftercare.

Post Accident Steps

If you are medically fit to do so, obtain the details of other driver(s) involved in the incident, such as, registration details, insurance etc. in addition to any witness detail.

Contact the Gardai to request scene attendance.

Keep all of your loss items, such as, medical expenses, loss of earnings detail etc.

After you have attended with medical care matters and are feeling up to it, attend with your solicitor if you want a solicitor, who can prepare your application to the Injuries Board, deal with all matters with the other parties solicitor or insurance company, and take control of your case in essence. There is timeframe requirements in cases.

It is beneficial to attend with your personal injury solicitor as soon as is reasonably possible as he/she can then move quickly to carry out their own investigation which does assist the client, as the evidence can be gathered, assessed for veracity and maintained.  

If you have been in a road traffic accident and wish to obtain a case review and discuss your options, our personal injury solicitors can sit down with you and furnish a case review to you and you can then make an informed decision on the next step.

Guide to an Injuries Board Application

Here is an information post about the application process.

Personal Injuries Assessment Board

Here is an information guide about the Board who deal with personal injury claims.

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