(NCHD) Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors – Work Permits

A non-EEA doctor who wishes to come to Ireland can be eligible for a general employment permit or a critical skills employment permit.

If the employment contract is for longer than 2 years, a critical skills employment permit may be the appropriate work permit to seek.

A recent announcement in December 2021 by the Department of Enterprise may be of benefit to NCHD(doctors).

Now applications for such doctors working in the public sphere can be made on a 2 year multi-site basis instead of the one site location.

There is an exception to this which is a 12 month internship contract.

An NCHD can include a specialist registrar, registrar, senior house officer, senior registrar, intern.

This General Employment Permit can be sought by the NCHD for 2 years. The doctor can obtain an initial Permission to Remain for a 12 month period, and obtain further Permission to Remain for the second 12 month period from ISD Immigration Service Delivery. If the NCHDs employment contract is only for 1 year, it is the responsibility of the NCHD to obtain further employment in the public health sphere.

If the NCHD wishes to obtain employment in a private hospital as opposed to a public hospital, for example, after the initial one year period, the doctor needs to seek a new General or Critical Skills Employment Permit. The new multi-site General Employment Permit for such doctors is for doctors working in public hospitals.  

Immigration Lawyer

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