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Work permits / Join Family Applications / Eu Treaty Rights Join Family Applications / Residence Cards advice / Stamp 4 Permissions / Irish Child Born Residency Applications / Citizenship Applications / Judicial Review / Study Visas, Spouse Visas, Long Stay, Short Stay Visas / De Facto Partner Applications / Long Term Residence applications / Stamp 0 Applications / Elderly Parent / Dependent Family Reunification Applications / International Protection matters.

We have information posts below regarding join family reunification matters, residency permissions, working in Ireland with a work permit, visa matters, the law on Irish Citizenship and how to apply for citizenship.  If you wish to find the information post below relevant to you, you will obtain initial information of the law on a matter and possible options available to you.

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Areas of Immigration Law We Cover

Visas Covid 19 related Update June 2021Ireland Work Permits – Nurses Investor Visa
Healthcare Worker – Employment PermitsVisa Permission RenewalSubsidiary International Protection
Reactivation Employment PermitInternship Employment Permit
Deportation Order IrelandGeneral Employment Permit IrelandDoctors Work Permits Ireland
Contract for Services Employment PermitRegistering for Immigration PermissionCritical Skills Work Permit
VisasIrish Citizenship Information Guide 2024Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits
Immigration Permissions UpdateEU Citizens RightsAppeal a Visa Decision
Children & CitizenshipTourist VisaTransit Visas
Working Holiday Visa AuthorisationEmployment Permit RefusalInternational Protection / Asylum
Civil Partnership Residence Application Ireland
Family Members & EU Treaty Rights
Identity Card & EU Citizens
Student Visa Ireland
Business Visa Ireland
Application for Family Reunification in Ireland
Parent of Irish Child – Family Reunification De Facto Partner of Irish Citizen -Family Reunification
Family Reunification Ireland – Critical Skills Work Permit
Long Term Residency
Family Reunification G.E.P.
Application for International Protection
Spouse / Civil Partner of Irish Citizen –
Family Reunification
EU Treaty Rights & DescendantsFamily Reunification International Protection
EU Treaty Rights Decision Review
EU Treaty Rights & Civil Partners
EU Treaty Rights & Spouses
EU Treaty Rights Residence CardWork Permits Ireland

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Visas Covid 19 related Update June 2021

Visas Covid 19 related Update June 2021 As of the June 16th 2021 the Minister has announced that the temporary Entry and Transit visa restrictions Book a Visa Consultation The temporary Entry and Transit visa restrictions for the following nationals has been lifted : ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilChileGuyanaParaguaySouth AfricaUruguay Essentially persons from these countries who wish to travel…

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Ireland Work Permit – Nurses

Ireland Work Permit – Nurses A nurse from a Non-EEA (European Economic Area) country cannot work in Ireland without permission granted by the Minister, unless the person falls under one of the limited exceptions. The Atypical Working Scheme can be availed of by nurses from Non-EEA countries who have secured a positon of employment in…

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Investor Visa

Investor Visa If you are from the EEA European Economic Area or Swiss national you do not need permission to create a business in Ireland. Also, visa requirements regarding residence, travel etc. is not required. A Non-EEA national can obtain immigration permission to Ireland via the Immigrant Investor Programme.   Book an Immigrant Investor Scheme…

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Visa Renewal Ireland

Visa Renewal Ireland Under S.4(7) of the Immigration Act 2004 an Immigration Officer or the Minister can renew visa permission. We have a separate post on Registering for Immigration Permission which can be seen here If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Book a Visa Permission Renewal Consultation Under S.4(7) of…

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Reactivation Employment Permit

Reactivation Employment Permit This permit type can be availed of by a foreign national person not from the European Economic Area who was treated badly by an employer, by exploitation or mistreatment and who wishes to obtain a new Employment Permit. If you have questions about employment permits, you can speak with an immigration lawyer…

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Immigration Legal News

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New Irish Residence Card PermitIrish Immigration News UpdatesRevocation of Citizenship / Naturalisation Ireland
Ukrainian Nationals – Temporary ProtectionAfghan Admission Programme Irish Work Permit News June
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System Ireland
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Stamp 4 Updgrade Notice New Visa Requirements Update


Transit VisasTourist VisasVisas Covid 19 related Update June 2021
VisasIdentity Card & EU CitizensStudy Visa – Primary / Secondardary School


Ireland Work Permit – NursesInvestor VisaHealthcare Worker – Employment Permits
Reactivation Employment PermitGeneral Employment Permit Ireland
Doctors Work Permits IrelandContract for Services Employment PermitCritical Skills Work Permit
Intra-Company Transfer Employment PermitsWorking Holiday Visa AuthorisationConstruction Sector Work Permits
Business Visa IrelandBus & Coach Drivers Employment Permits Family Reunification Ireland –
Critical Skills Work Permit

Employment Permits Home Carers Work Permit Refusal – Immigration Permission Employment Permits Dairy Farm Assistants
Lineworkers Chef Work Permit ApplicationVan Der Elst Work Visa
Employment Visa


Internship Employment PermitStudent Visa Ireland
Third Level Visa Graduate Programme Student Visa – English Language Course
Academic – Stamp 0 Student Visa – Secondary & Primary School


Visa Renewal Ireland – NursesDeportation Order IrelandRegistering for Immigration Permission
Citizenship Application IrelandImmigration Visa Permissions UpdateEU Family Member Residence Permit
Appeal a Visa DecisionInternational Protection / AsylumApplication for International Protection
Stamp 4 – Long Term Residency

Stamp 5 – Long Term Residency
Immigration News UpdatesSubsidiary International Protection
Retirement Visa Ireland – Stamp 0EU Family Residence Card ApplicationTurkish Nationals Visa
Citizenship Application in Ireland Irish Citizenship Application & Dual CitizenshipEU Treaty Rights & Divorce
Citizenship Application – Marriage Irish Citizenship Application Refusal Marriages of Convenience
Citizenship Applicaton Refusal

Join Family

EU Treaty Rights & Descendants EU Treaty Rights – DependencyEU Treaty Rights Ireland
Application for Family Reunification in IrelandParent of Irish Child – Family ReunificationDe Facto Partner of Irish Citizen -Family Reunification
Family Reunification Ireland – Critical Skills Work PermitGeneral Work Permit – Family Reunification Spouse / Civil Partner of Irish Citizen –
Stamp 4
Family Reunification International ProtectionEU Treaty Rights & Civil PartnersEU Treaty Rights & Spouses
Family Reunification Ireland – ParentsVisa Preclearance De Facto PartnersDe Facto Partner Application of Stamp 1, 4 or 5 Holder
Family Reunifaction for UK Nationals Durable Relationship – EU Treaty RightsRetention of Residence Right – EU Treaty Rights

Revocation of Residence Card – Eu Treaty Rights

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Who controls Irish Immigraiton ?

The Garda National Immigration Bureau is responsible for the management of immigration registration in Ireland.

Registration is how GNIB records persons permissions to stay in Ireland for persons that require such permission.

The persons residence card specifies the permission they have regarding their stay in Ireland.