Temporary Visa Extensions Expire – Notice to Employers

Employers should be aware that the temporary immigration permissions to remain in the State afforded to Non-EEA persons in the pandemic are coming to an end by the 31st of May 2022.

The Department of Justice has announced that those covered by the extension are ‘entitled to remain, reside and work in the state’ if they were previously granted permission to do so.

The relevant employees who hold a work permit, must find out from the employment permits division of the Department of Enterprise if they need a new or renewed employment permit.

If the employees IRP card has expired and they could not obtain a new registration card by the 31st of May 2022, they are still ‘‘legally permitted to remain in the state provided they show  proof that they have applied to renew their registration and are waiting for it to be processed’’.

A non-EEA person needs permission to be in state and to evidence this, holds a permission letter and/or registration certificate ie IRP card.

This situation now post pandemic could be problematic for a person with a work permit as they must be able to produce a valid / in date IRP card. A considerable number of IRP renewal cards will now have to be dealt with.

Immigration Lawyer

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