Visa Preclearance for De Facto Partners of Irish Nationals

The preclearance procedure is applicable to both visa and non visa required country nationals.

The preclearance procedure is very helpful, as it can afford parties the right to live and work in Ireland, having been granted with permission before they arrive in Ireland. This is preferable than arriving into Ireland, making an application, and not being able to work until a positive decision was made, if it was made.  

Therefore if the Irish national Partner and Non-EEA person live outside of Ireland they must apply for prior approval ie preclearance to travel to Ireland.

Persons should remain outside of Ireland while the application is being assessed.

If preclearance is granted, you will be provided with a Preclearance Approval Letter you should show to the immigration officer.

A partner is considered a de facto partner if parties have a relationship akin to a marriage, they live together, they are not related by family and this permission can be granted to opposite and same sex partners.

The De facto partner applicant must be able to show he/she has evidence of the long-term relationship, and evidence of cohabitation for 2 years, that they can support themselves etc.

A successful De Facto partner can obtain Stamp 4 permission upon registration with immigration services, can work, study etc. and also enjoy immediate family reunification for children under 18 and 23 if still in education full-time.

Immigration Lawyer

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