Visa Requirement Wavier for Ukrainian Nationals

On February 25th 2022 it was announced by the Minster for Justice that visa restrictions for citizens from Ukraine intending to come to Ireland were lifted immediately.

This evidently is an emergency measure.

If a Ukranian national comes to Ireland, the person will have 90 days then to formalise their immigration status in Ireland.

Essentially the visa requirement which otherwise would be necessary is waived in the current crises.

Pre-entry clearance and the time it takes to obtain visas, this issue has been dealt with, the requirement waived for the present time.

This may be keenly relevant to Ukrainian nationals already in Ireland who wish to bring their family members here.

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Visa Waiver Ukrainian Nationals

Family Members

This visa waiver can include family members such as a spouse, partner, close dependent family relatives who were living with them prior to February 24th of 2022.

Family members include a spouse or partner, unmarried minor children of either of them, and their other close dependent family relatives who have been living with them as part of the family unit before 24 February 2022.

International Protection

Once the persons have come to Ireland and wish to consider their immigration status options they can consider an International Protection application as one application type.

Here is an information post about applying for international protection and the a general post about international protection.

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help.

Immigration Lawyer

If you have questions about immigration visa matters, you can speak with an immigration lawyer on (01) 546 1121 or  (052) 612 1999.


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