Ukrainian Displaced Persons Temporary Protection

The European Union has activated Council Directive 2001/55/EC for displaced persons, which can as a consequence assist displaced persons from outside the EU-EEA,which provides for a legal basis for temporary protection for such displaced persons in the EU.

This directive was activated and introduced due to the emergency.

This is to deal with a mass influx of displaced persons from the Ukraine who cannot return home.

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Ukrainian Displaced Persons Temporary Protection

This is for Ukrainian nationals living in Ukraine who are displaced after February 24th of 2022. This is also for third-country nationals residing in Ukraine who are displaced as of the above date. This temporary protection can also cover family members of such persons.

The UN has introduced the UK Humanitarian Flash Appeal for protection in Ukraine and a Refugee Response Plan for Ukraine.

The temporary protection timeframe is for one year which has the possibility of being extended.

Displaced persons who enjoy temporary protection can seek to enter employment, have access to education, receive conditions similar to Irish Citizens, the same medical card, and social welfare benefits etc.

Visa Waiver for Ukrainian Nationals

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