Retirement Visa Ireland – Stamp 0

A person who is not an EEA/Swiss national who wishes to reside in Ireland during retirement, can apply for Stamp 0 immigration permission.

It is imperative the applicant can financially support themselves and meet the financial requirements.

The applicant must avail of an Irish Accountancy firm who will verify that the financial requirements are met.


The person cannot avail of state benefits in Ireland and must have proved for this application they are financially independent.

The persons annual income per year benchmark is €50,000.

Also, the person must be able to avail of monies equal to the price of a house in Ireland.

Your accountant in Ireland should have knowledge of your origin countries accountancy documentation.


Applications are made to Unit 2 Domestic Residence & Permissions Division, Immigration Service Delivery, Department of Justice 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

D Visa

If the non-EEA/Swiss national wishes to come to Ireland for longer than 3 months, they can apply for the Long Stay D Visa. Before coming to Ireland, a visa required national should have obtained the D visa.

Conditional Letter of Offer

A conditional letter of offer with an agreement form will be provided to a successful applicant. The person should show this document to the immigration officer upon entry. The person will still have to satisfy visa checks upon entry.


It is essential to be able to prove evidence of finances for this application.

The applicant should also have at the ready, birth certificate, current marriage certificate, medical insurance documentation, police clearance certificate, for example. Other relevant documents will be required.

Immigration Lawyer

If you have questions about visas, you can speak with an immigration lawyer on (01) 546 1121 or  (052) 612 1999.


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