Stamp 5 Permission – Long Term Residency Ireland

This type of permission permits a person to work and live in Ireland without needing a work permit.

The applicant must be living in Ireland to make this application.

If the application is granted the applicant must live in Ireland and be in employment or seek employment.

It must be proved the person is of good character and has 96 months of lawful residence in the state.

The applicant must have good standing within with immigration legal system.

Time spent on certain stamps are not calculable for the purpose of this application.

For example, if the person was in Ireland on a stamp 2 student visa.

Stamps, such as, stamp 1, stamp 1G, stamp 4 are considered calculable periods for this application type.


The application is made to Unit 3, Residence Division, 4th Floor, Immigration Service Delivery, Department of Justice, 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

The application form must be completed correctly and the applicant must provide colour copy of passport ie the full passport, copy of residence card, financial documentation, bank accounts etc. Original passports should be sent by registered post.

There is no department application fee for this.

There is a registration department fee for the successful applicant.

Immigration Lawyer

If you have questions about long term residency, you can speak with an immigration lawyer on (01) 546 1121 or  (052) 612 1999.


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