Careless Driving

If a person has been served with a Summons via registered post or by hand, and the alleged offence states the person must answer a charge pursuant to S.52 of the Road Traffic Act 1961(as amended) this is the statute rule for careless driving.

Careless Driving

Road Traffic Laws Ireland

The law states a person must not drive in a public place without due care and attention.

If, for example, a driver was in a car park and while reversing struck a passing motorbike driver, a charge for careless driving may be put on the vehicle driver.

Penalty Points

If a driver is found liable for this offence, 5 penalty points may be endorsed on the driver’s licence record.

If death or serious bodily harm is caused to an injured party due to careless driving, a person can be liable to imprisonment for up to two years and/or a fine of up to €10,000.

If another person is not injured, for example, a person found liable for this offence can be up to €1,000, for example.

Disqualification from Driving

A consequential disqualification order banning the person from driving can be made for this offence if a number of conditions are met.

In road traffic offences convictions, a court also has the discretion to make whats termed an ancillary disqualification order ie when a first offence arises, for example.

A consequential disqualification order from driving may arise if the person has committed two or more previous offences under S.52.


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