Employment Law

Success in a Constructive Dismissal Claim

Employee named John for the purpose of this post has had just about enough of his employer’s conduct, resigns, and attends with his solicitor to discuss taking an unfair dismissal case against the employer. John did not want to leave but had no alternative. He could not take it anymore and therefore had to resign. …

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Workplace Stress & Discriminatory Dismissal

It is common in workplace disputes that the trust which once existed between the parties ie employer and employee evaporates. An employer makes the decision to terminate an employees employment while on sick leave, due to workplace absence or for failing to submit sickness certificates, for example. The employer does not believe the employees reason …

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Predetermined Outcome – Unfair Dismissal

If an employee is dismissed for a conduct issue, or performance issue, for example, and no investigation took place, or no disciplinary hearing took place, or an unfair investigation /  disciplinary hearing took place, an employee will likely feel the dismissal was unfair and consider their legal options. Many employees will indicate to their solicitor, …

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