Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (CVR) Offence

It is an offence to publicly drive a CVR vehicle without a valid certificate of roadworthiness.

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (CVR) Offence

Road Traffic Laws

If a person is found guilty of this offence, they may be liable to a fine of up to €5,000 or a term of imprisonment for up to 3 months.

If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner, then the owner may also be liable for the offence.

If a driver does not produce the certificate on request from a Garda Siochana member or refuses an examination of the certificate, then it will be likely stated so in evidence that the CVR vehicle did not have a valid certificate.

This offence may yield 3 penalty points on conviction and is a mandatory court appearance, possible disqualification from driving in certain circumstances.


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